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VENUE UPDATE: Day of Mourning Service

VENUE CHANGE TO 20 WESTFIELD DRIVE, DONCASTER Sadly the forecast for Sunday is unpredictable.  To ensure the comfort and safety of all our attendees, and to avoid last minute confusing changes, we are moving the service from Westerfolds Park to the church in Westfield Drive. Please ensure all your friends are aware of this change.  If you live in a retirement village, please share so everyone knows. Don’t assume people will know of the venue change. We regret this decision…

Never left to Struggle Alone

I bet the angel that appeared to Mary didn’t have bright, orange-dyed hair.  Mine did.  At the time I was struggling through an unfamiliar cavernous supermarket, trying to drag a broken basket on wheels towards the checkout.  I was hot and bothered when suddenly my ‘angel’ appeared.  Unbeknownst to me she had witnessed my struggle and offered to help me.   She took the recalcitrant basket, shepherded me towards the checkout, unloaded my groceries and after seeing me safely on my…

Ecumenical Collection for The Christmas Bowl 2019

On Christmas Eve, Manningham churches conducted  ecumenical collections for the Christmas Bowl outside Woolworths Macedon Plaza, Woolworths Devon Plaza and Coles Tunstall Square. An excellent total of $3540.85 was collected, the amounts from each venue being approximately equal.

Worship Reflections

All are counted

Rev Claire Dawe’s Reflection “All are counted” Christmas Day 25 December 2019Bible Reading: Luke 2: 8-20

Location Details

20 Westfield Dr Doncaster VIC 3109