Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries AUgust activities

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries have organised 38 online events in August to keep you entertained, learning and amused this lockdown. For more information, follow their page or visit

Fundraiser for Asylum Seeker Emergency Medication Fund

Thank you to all that have already donated. The immediate donation drive has closed. Further information around when the commencement of the next fundraising drive will be shortly. People seeking asylum in Victoria are struggling to pay for essential medications. As they are not eligible for concession prescription medications, the cost is often more than they can afford. The pandemic has meant that many more people than usual who are seeking asylum have no income at all. With no eligibility…

Climate Change – your response

This is a link to get your views heard at synod as young people about climate change.  It follows on from the zoom discussion Bradon and I held a couple of weeks ago – another is in the planning with a really good speaker who will talk to us about different climate change issues…..  I’m not allowed to spill the beans yet though.  Claire


Ergasia is the Rev. Brendan Byrne’s podcast about the intersection of work and faith and a theological reflection on economics. Brendan is a Uniting Church Minister down the road at Heathmont who reflects brilliantly on spirituality of work and views human dignity in employment through a Scriptural lens.  Brendan has written many articles on the theme of faith and work and this podcast has some great listens, for example, 19 May episode is about God’s call to pastorally care for those in…


Manningham Uniting Church are doing their bit and covering up – feel free to send your mask through to so we can add your mask to the mix.

MInister’s Message

COVID-19 continues and so does the uncertainty about what we can and can’t do. The church COVID-19 team is watching the advice carefully and following the guidance of the Victorian government and the VicTas synod. This will frustrate some of you and comfort others, but there is little we can do. At times like these, I find the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr helpful, and I know some of you do too: God, give me grace to accept with serenity…

Young People and Climate Change

At Manningham Uniting, we are encouraging our young people in a passion they have already shared with us – doing something about climate change.  Rev Claire has begun working with our young people to work out a project they want to pursue so they can share how they feel and what action they want to take and see other takes with them.  At the end of July, Rev Claire will be attending the UCA climate change conference which will include…

Follow up – Young Voice on Climate event

Last Sunday afternoon, a group of young people met with the Synod’s Bradon French and Rev Claire to talk climate change and what they want the church to do about it.  3 congregations were represented including 4 young people from Manningham.  This was Amari’s response: “Sunday’s meeting was a great opportunity to engage on the topic of climate change with the church. I really hope that if we have another meeting more people will join in and help us brainstorm ideas to…

COVID Update – 10 July 2020

Dear Friends and Members of Manningham Uniting Church, As you know, the restrictions have been increased by the Victorian Sate Government due to the number of COVID-19 cases.  As always, we continue to follow the advice of the State Government and the Synod.  The following protocols are now in place for the next 6 weeks. The church buildings are closed – no church groups or tenants will be using the buildings – but the church itself is very much open…

Worship – 12 July 2020

This week we are led in reflection by student Minister James Tang. He is joined by other members of the Manningham UC congregation and Rev Claire.

Reflection Points – 12 July 2020

This week’s reflection points are composed by student Minister James Tang. This weeks readings look at Amos 5:14-24 and Matthew 5:21-48. Download your document here for your reference and guide.

Dancing feet

The Young Explorers have been dancing their way through 2020. Here’s a quick video to get your feet moving! See if you can guess who’s who??

Meditation, prayer, perspective: How faith is helping some through the struggles of coronavirus

An article from the ABC this week on how people have been turning to faith and prayer practices during COVID-19.  Read about it here: Remember that our church has several different ways to access prayer support and to be a part of that support: prayer resources on the website and mailed out prayer chain – please email Rev Claire to share a prayer request  Pray Where You Are on Thursdays at 8.45am – just stop what you are doing…

In My Blood It Runs

Dujuan Hoosan is a young man from Arrernte and Garrwa Country.  ‘In My Blood It Runs’ tells his story and was shown on the ABC on Sunday.  Crosslight’s Mikaela Turner talks about it here and how the education and justice systems are closely linked for young Indigenous people like Dujuan.  A must see documentary – and an invitation from Indigenous people to stay awake to the systemic racism in our society.

Worship – 5 July 2020

This week we look at Amos 3:1-11. This week’s service is led by Rev Claire and members of the congregation. We also welcome this week our newly appointed supply minister who has provided us with this weeks reading.
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