Sophia – 2 Aug 2020

What does it mean to be an anti-racist? How is that different from not being racist? Do you actually know what being racist means? Rev Swee-Ann Koh has been educating and guiding the Uniting Church through these issues for many years and will lead our discussion at Sophia on Sunday 2 August at 6pm.

Prayer Vigil – 30 July

The 4 ministers of Warrandyte, Eltham-Montmorency, Koonung Heights and Manningham Uniting Churches are joining together to lead a time of prayer to uphold the congregations and the wider community at this strange and challenging time.

Worship – 12 July 2020

This week we are led in reflection by student Minister James Tang. He is joined by other members of the Manningham UC congregation and Rev Claire.

Reflection Points – 12 July 2020

This week’s reflection points are composed by student Minister James Tang. This weeks readings look at Amos 5:14-24 and Matthew 5:21-48. Download your document here for your reference and guide.

Worship – 5 July 2020

This week we look at Amos 3:1-11. This week’s service is led by Rev Claire and members of the congregation. We also welcome this week our newly appointed supply minister who has provided us with this weeks reading.

Messy Church – Pentecost

Download your Messy Church at Home Pentecost resource document here: Dramatic Reading Messy Science Speak in many languages Messy Kitchen Song – Living for Heaven

Worship – 7 June 2020

The overall theme for the the next three months is dreams and visions. Rev Claire explains this further in this week’s intro Today’s service is looking at Daniel 5:1-9, 17-31.